Austin Polytech is committed to serving the Austin community. Our students participate in a service learning program, and we offer many additional opportunities to get involved through activities like the APA Peace Parade.

APA is also part of a larger development vision for Austin, based on re-growing and re-attracting advanced manufacturing business to the community. Education is the key to success.

As low-skilled jobs are outsourced to developing countries, U.S. companies desperately need thousands of high-skilled workers who can operate sophisticated, computerized machines.

A skilled community will bring new business and investment to Austin, along with exciting, high-paying jobs. Advanced manufacturing can build a more comfortable, vibrant quality of life for Austin residents.

Austin Polytech is sponsored in part by the Center for Labor & Community Research, which has also developed the following initiatives in Austin:

  • The Austin Manufacturing Training Center, which offers an adult training program in APA's Manufacturing Technology Center. Trainees learn basic math and technology, as well as advanced machining, and earn nationally recognized certifications from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).

  • A youth outreach program that connects APA with elementary schools in Austin, teaching younger students about science and technology. This program includes youth robotics workshops led by Austin Polytech students.

  • A program to connect Austin residents witho manufacturing training at the Arturo Vasquez Institute of West Side Tech. Programs include advanced machining, welding, fork lift, and a wide array of other courses.

  • The Austin Reentry Advantage program, a proposed initiative to prepare formerly incarcerated individuals to reenter society with steady jobs in manufacturing. The program includes training and employee placement.

  • The Austin Renewable Energy Innovation Park, a proposed high-tech research and incubation facility located on an old industrial site, focused on new manufacturing opportunities in wind and renewable energy. The Innovation Park would introduce existing companies to new markets, help grow new companies, and attract businesses to the greater Austin area.

For more information, please contact Erica Swinney at or (773) 534-6326.

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