Austin Polytech is currently accepting new and transfer students in grades 9-12! Download your application (also available in Spanish) now or call our CTE Coordinator, Ms. Donya Peterson, at (773) 534-6371 to enroll. See our FAQ for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Austin Polytech help me do well in college?

A committed staff of teachers and a wide range of work experience opportunities will prepare you for leadership in college, careers, and life. Classes are challenging, but teachers provide guidance and support every step of the way. Plus if you sign up for the Manufacturing Connect program at Austin Polytech, you will work one-on-one with a counselor to plan out your high school years to maximize you success in not only getting into college, but knowing what to expect once you get there. Manufacturing Connect also provides college tours and events to learn about the colleges that can help you access your career in engineering and advanced manufacturing.

What kind of high-tech jobs will I learn about?

As part of the Manufacturing Connect program, you’ll work with high-tech equipment and earn nationally-recognized certifications to help you find high-paying jobs working with sophisticated machines in manufacturing. Each year of the program you will have the opportunity to visit multiple manufacturing companies to learn about the wide variety of career paths possible in the manufacturing and engineering fields. You will also have the opportunity to have paid work experiences in up to 4 local companies to compare and contrast the different kinds of jobs you may want to have some day.

Manufacturing Connect is not just about jobs, though that is a critical place to start, we believe our students will become the next generation of leaders, creating new technologies and businesses to help build a cleaner and safer world.

Why should I want a career in manufacturing?

If you know how to operate a large, complex CNC machine, you could earn good money working for a company that values your skills—in Chicago or anywhere in the US. If you go to college and get a degree in engineering, you could make a comfortable living designing new products and technologies. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own company, there are many opportunities in manufacturing that start with what you learn at Austin Polytech.

The skills you’ll learn at Austin Polytech and in Manufacturing Connect are in high demand, and they will open many doors for you to build a bright, successful future for yourself and your community.

The skills you’ll learn at Austin Polytech are in high demand, and they will open many doors for you to build a bright, successful future for yourself and your community.